1. Avian Dispersal

Avian what? Yes, removing birds from unwanted places via laser is a thing; in fact, it’s a profession.  Ever see multiple birds  inside a crowded shopping mall or airport? Perhaps you’ve seen a swarm of birds sitting on an electrical line? There are professionals out there who specialize in safely removing birds from these areas, and in most cases, lasers are the most effective and efficient means of doing so.

2. Home & Self Defense

Lasers for self defense? While it might not be your first though upon purchasing a high powered laser, they’re great to keep on hand to defend yourself and deter intruders. By widening the focus of a handheld laser, you’re increasing the radius of the beam, thus temporarily “flash-blinding” the enemy, giving you time to retreat or take cover.

*as we’ve stated before, NEVER shine a laser in anyone’s eyes. SERIOUS and PERMANENT damage  can be done. Use a laser for self defense only as a last resort.

3. Starting A Fire

Handheld high powered lasers are capable of burning, popping balloons, igniting matches and creating fires (as long as you have lighter fluid or gasoline). If you’re an avid outdoorsman (or woman), enjoy camping or deem yourself a “prepper”, a handheld laser is a great tool to keep on hand (that pun might have been intentional).

4. Signaling For Help

“Be Prepared” – it’s been the motto of Boy Scouts and scouts around the world since 1907. Whether you’re weekend warrior always planning your next camping trip or a big hiker, you probably know that preparing for the unknown and unexpected is paramount to maintaining peace of mind while on your outdoor adventures.  Though it’s not recommended to embark on such hiking or camping trips solo, we know that there are lone wolves out there; keeping a high powered laser pointer on hand is a great way to signal for help and be seen from miles away.

5. Hunting

Similar to avian dispersal, lasers can be a handy hack for hunting and getting your prey into the line of fire. See some sitting ducks that would be much better targets in the air? Simply give ’em a little nudge via laser and they’ll be within rage in no time.

6. Checking Fiber Optic Cables For Faults

High speed internet, especially fiber optic, is something that many people take for granted in this day and age. It’s something that is so convenient, that you sometimes forget what life is like without a high-speed connection; that is, until you start having trouble with your internet at home or the office. This is why the best IT and fiber optic technicians carry VFLs, also known as “visual fault locators“. These are basically lasers that are designed to illuminate faults or weak points within fiber optic cables, helping the techs to repair them quicker.

7. Camping

So now that you know lasers can be great for signaling for help, they also have a number of other uses on the campsite. Did you forget the strike-anywhere matches? No problem, if you’ve got a high powered handheld laser on hand, you can simply gather some lighter fluid, kindling and dry leaves and hit ’em with a laser – you’ll have fire in no time! While it’s not the most efficient means of starting a fire, it definitely works as long as you have gasoline or lighter fluid on hand.

Lasers also make great flashlights, though you need to make sure your beam is adjustable/focus-able. Simply widen the radius of your beam by de-focusing the laser and you’ve got one super-bright flashlight to boot.

8. Light Painting

Every heard of light painting? It’s pretty impressive actually. Light painting is a type of photography where long exposures mixed with handheld or natural light sources are combined, creating stunning and beautiful landscapes. While it might sound like a new phenomenon or trend, we’ll assure you it’s not. Using lights and long exposures to create art dates back to 1889. Artist Frank Gilbreth, along with his wife, Lillian Moller Gilbreth used small handheld lights along with an open shutter on their camera to illustrate the repetitive motions of clerical and manufacturing workers. Light painting was further popularized in 1940 by photographer Barbara Morgan. Today, lasers are a common tool in the light painter’s arsenal.

9. Identifying Inventory & Warehouse Work

Similar to giving presentations, lasers are at home in the hands of warehouse managers and workers alike. The shelves are too high to simply touch/point out stuff, so keep a laser pointer on your belt and make life easier.
10. Entertaining Your Pets

You’ve already seen the videos on Youtube, I’m sure. Cats and dogs both love chasing that elusive red dot, just give ’em a break every now and then!